The first Old Time Union Grove Fiddlers’ Convention was held at Union Grove School on the Saturday before Easter in 1924 to raise money for the school system. By the 1950s the convention was attracting over 8,500 attendees and many bands annually. In the 1960s, the Fiddlers’ Convention became an increasingly popular cultural event attracting people, fiddlers, and bands from all over the country. 1969 was the last convention at Union Grove School. In 1970 J. Pierce Van Hoy and Harper Van Hoy, decided to continue the tradition by each hosting their own fiddlers convention. Pierce held the “World Championship Fiddlers’ Convention” at his farm beginning in 1970 and on Easter weekend Harper and his wife, Wansie, hosted the Ole Time Fiddlers’ and Bluegrass Festival at the property known as “Fiddlers’ Grove.” The date moved to Memorial Day weekend in 1974 and has grown to a three day event. The program includes the certified Old Time Fiddler category, a variety of individual and band competitions, dances, storytelling and even children's programs. As of 2019, the tradition is now in its 96th year and is still going strong.