The Captain Robert Cleveland Log Home

Believed to be the oldest home in Wilkes County. It was moved from its original site (Purlear) to the current site in downtown Wilkesboro. It brought its ghost with it.

The Old Jail

The Old Wilkes Jail housed many prisoners during its long existence, the most famous being Mr. Tom Dula. Tom was made famous when the Kingston Trio recorded the familiar "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley" tune. He was arrested and hanged for the murder of Laura Foster. He must have really liked our jail, because he never left.

The Tory Oak

The Tory Oak stood for centuries in this little corner of Wilkesboro. During the 1700s, Col. Ben Cleveland used the oak to hang Tories on. The original oak died several years ago and was replaced by a younger version.

Brown-Cowles home

The following pictures are of the Brown-Cowles home. This civil war era home has the original slave kitchen in the back of the house. The spirit of a little girl killed in a wagon accident haunts the grounds.

The historic Smithey Hotel

The home of several ghostly apparitions. If you are lucky, you might encounter Mr. Smithey himself.​